She has worked on projects for our Miami, Chicago and London offices and now is helping to establish our office in Panama.

How would you describe a typical day at Finalta?
Besides from our morning ritual of saying hi to the whole office and getting coffee, the day varies depending on the project stage. In the beginning-mid stage, our time is divided in creating the set up for the new project, having validation calls with our clients and producing our signature reports. Once we arrive to the final stage of the project, the days are usually filled with brainstorming sessions with the team and with the client, along with creating killer slides to be presented to senior executives at our clients.

Now a Senior Analyst, how have your responsibilities changed?
The main change has been the ownership of the project. It goes from making sure you are on time with deliveries as an Analyst, to helping plan how the project will be run, setting it up with support but limited supervision, and, being more involved in the relationship with our clients.

What are the main challenges you face in your role?
My main challenge right now is launching our first Branch big data study in Latam and making sure the project runs smoothly! With my role I now own more senior client relationships and I’m involved in commercial efforts to grow coverage in the market.

How have you grown at Finalta?
At Finalta your growth can be very flexible, as mine has been – I joined Finalta 3.5 years ago and have worked in 3 roles, 2 industries, 3 markets, 5 studies and with 20+ number of clients!

I started in the Miami office, working with our Latam clients, helping develop new relationships and studies. Along the way, I had the possibility to work with our Chicago office with US banks and with the London office on a Spanish Insurance big data project.

Now I’m working as a Manager and I’ve had the opportunity to help open and relocate to the new Panama office.

What would you say to people joining Finalta?
To pay attention to detail, accept feedback and learn as much as you can from everyone in your team; you will be surprised how smart and interesting everyone is, the fact that we all have different backgrounds and experiences makes it special.

Thinking back over your time here, what is your favorite memory?
It was after my first key findings presentation, feeling how all the hard work had successfully created direct impact to the client. Also, having the whole team dancing together at a Finalta event!

How would you describe the culture here?
It is definitely one of the best cultures I’ve seen, where your team also becomes your family. It’s a high performing organization where you are constantly challenged intellectually, and have great opportunities to grow, while being proactive and a bit entrepreneurial.

What three words describe Finalta?
Exposure, teamwork and culture.

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