She was encouraged to independently develop a framework which was presented to her client

How does Finalta encourage you to develop?
Finalta encourages you to contribute to and shape your own personal development. The open culture means you can raise new ideas which are always welcomed and, more importantly, seriously considered. We launched a “Learning & Development” initiative, where Analysts had the opportunity to define how we would like our training programs to be run. One of our achievements is launching tailored training and development plans for each level which include technical and personal programs with both internal and external led sessions.

How has Finalta supported you to achieve your goals?
Through mutual trust, encouraging a mindset of ownership and challenging them to proactively explore both their strengths and areas of development. To me, this is about guiding them through these and helping them reach their own answer, not just giving them your version of an answer.

How has Finalta facilitated your progression?
I think one of the best ways Finalta allows you to develop is by not shying away from giving you responsibility when you are ready for it. During my first 7 months, as I became more familiar with my tasks such as data validation, storyline development and client calls, I was increasingly trusted to handle these processes by myself. This was very rewarding and helped me develop quickly which led to my promotion in my first year of joining the company! Before I would have not thought this possible, considering my tenure, but Finalta surprised me in a good way.

How have you managed working with your team across multiple offices in different countries and time zones?
By understanding the importance of communication! One global workstream involved Analysts from across all offices. By creating a specific channel in the internal messaging system, we found a smart way of communicating with little inefficiencies. This channel became a platform for discussion, keeping on track with latest developments and enabled everyone to actively contribute in decision-making.

How does working in a team help you succeed?
We like to say that at Finalta everyone is an expert or is on their way to becoming an expert in something. Teamwork is important here and means that if I have a question I can always find someone who knows that topic well, as everyone here is willing to share their knowledge. For example, when I first started at Finalta, I was concerned about not having a background in finance. However, I quickly came to realize that this concern was unnecessary as colleagues eagerly helped me out whenever I was stuck and I am now on the way to becoming an expert myself!

What mentorship have you received?
One standout moment for me was with one of our London Directors. We talked about her progression and how she got to where she is now. She also gave me advice on how to proactively establish relationships across the offices by getting involved in global projects. This form of mentorship, acknowledgement and encouragement meant a lot to me, as I see her as a role model; and I believe I have a lot to learn from her also in terms of managing the work-life balance so well.

What is the best piece of career advice you have received at Finalta?
Take a holiday! It can feel like there is never a right time to take a holiday however my manager made a point to encourage me to take a break. I now recognize how important it is to have that down-time to recharge and come back with new ideas.

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