How would you describe a typical day on the Finalta Telco team?
We start our day with a team ‘huddle’, where we discuss the progress made from the day before and what everyone will be working on during the day. A typical day in team Telco could be as diverse as working on project for a client in Canada, to having zoom calls with the McKinsey CST based in Norway to *virtually* presenting a Final presentation to your client in Belgium, all in one day. As we are a small team, everyone gets to work with clients and McKinsey CST’s across the world and get involved in all aspects of the projects.

Have you had experience collaborating with McKinsey colleagues who are on a more traditional integrative consulting path? What are the main highlights of your collaboration experience?
Yes, in Telco most days we are collaborating with McKinsey as there will typically be an ongoing engagement with the client, or the McKinsey team is trying to win business with the client we are working with. What I have enjoyed most about working with McKinsey teams is the opportunity to learn from them. They are typically involved in many aspects of a client project and they come with an incredible breadth of knowledge and experience. It is also interesting to see how engagements are managed and how Finalta fits into the workstreams, how valuable our work is and how much it is appreciated from both the Firm and the Client.

What skills have helped you during your journey at Finalta?
I am not sure if this is a skill or more of a characteristic, but I would say being proactive and taking initiative has helped me the most, as we are a very small team I have needed to step up and take on things outside of my role. Presentation skills have also been key to my development, I am a very confident peoples person and I love to present, this was recognized early on in my analyst tenure and I was given the opportunity to present to clients, which has boosted my confidence and given me a platform to grow. I would also say attention to detail is key, our recommendations are data driven, so it is important to pick up those data anomalies early on!

What three words best describe Finalta?
Community, Challenge, Growth

What would you say to people joining Finalta?
Finalta gives you a great platform to grow, learn and develop your career. If given the opportunity, take it and make it your own, there is so much you can get involved in and such incredible people to learn from. Every day I am amazed by the people I meet in the Firm, the incredible work they are doing and the impact we are making for our clients, across industries around the globe.

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