What is the Budapest office like in terms of culture and the team?
In one word, it’s amazing. People are friendly, open, always willing to help (and not least, fun). I joined in a challenging period, when everyone was working remotely due to the pandemic, so saying I was nervous before my first day would be an understatement. However, even in this difficult set up, they managed to make me feel a member of the team from day one. Everyone reached out to get to know me and provide support on my new joiner journey, and soon I learned there it was unnecessary to be nervous about joining remotely. A year has passed since then, but even this one year was enough to say that the team is more like a family, not just a group of colleagues.

How would you describe your typical day at Finalta?
I would say there is no such thing as a typical day at Finalta, and this is what I love about it the most. My daily tasks depend on which project and what stage of that project I’m working on. Here at Finalta, we have both easier and challenging days. I have a chance to perform analytical and creative tasks as well (analysing data, preparing insightful presentations) while also having a few meetings (catch ups, brainstorms, presentations).

Since you joined Finalta, have you been receiving necessary support to help you settle into the role and to navigate your professional development?
My answer is definitely yes. Over the course of my one year here I learned that people at Finalta care about my professional and my personal development. I am continuously provided with support, mentoring and friendly guidance, not only regarding my day-to-day activities but my future goals and career path as well. When stuck with a task or nervous about a meeting they always take time, even in the busiest period, to help me or practice with me. Also, I have regular conversations about the progress I’ve made so far and would like to make in the future and my managers make sure I have a chance to develop and reach my goals.

What three words best describe Finalta?
Safe environment, opportunities, supportive people.

What would you say to people joining Finalta?
Dear new Finaltian, you’ve made a good choice. You are joining a Firm full of amazing people, exciting tasks and learning opportunities. Here, you can be open, I’m sure you will make new friends and never have to hesitate to ask for support when needed. So welcome and enjoy the ride :)

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