In 2004, we began our journey to help financial organizations understand how their performance compares to their peers and give them the information they need to improve.

Since our acquisition by McKinsey in 2011, we have expanded to 8 offices and our 160+ people now work with over 250 organizations in 50 countries across the banking, insurance and, most recently, telecoms industries.

We are proud to be a part of McKinsey Solutions. This community leverages advanced technology, proprietary data, and deep expertise to help clients in new and exciting ways.

Finalta collaborate on joint projects with our McKinsey colleagues but also work independently with our clients. This means we get the benefit of the firm’s 90+ years of experience and combine this with our own deep expertise and knowledge, which contributes directly to Finalta’s success.


Our work and our roles

Our core benchmarking projects last 6 months and you will be assigned a client portfolio to work with throughout the project cycle: collecting, verifying and analyzing their data; turning that analysis into a compelling story, identifying key recommendations and then presenting the findings to the client’s executive team. Our defined project cycles mean you can plan your schedule in advance and manage your work: life balance in a way that suits you.

No two projects are the same. When you add in new clients, bespoke ventures, and our different industries, there is a lot of opportunity for building knowledge at Finalta. Some of our people enjoy being an expert in a specific project; others like to move teams and explore new topics.

So, what will you do at Finalta?