Examine the mobile and fixed network operating cost efficiency, comparing it against industry best practices and international peers.

The Network 360 Benchmark enables operators to understand their relative performance on the key drivers of cost efficiency and productivity across the mobile and fixed network. This industry leading tool identifies cost rationalization opportunities and supports value capture, by recommending levers to improve cost efficiency.

Why it's important

Competing in such a capital-intensive industry, which is driven by constant technological innovation and with big operating costs means operators are being obliged to focus on cost and asset investment efficiency. The Network 360 Benchmark provides a full view of network assets and costs, identifying cost reduction opportunities to be used in the operator’s cost efficiency and transformation strategy.

Network assets:

  • How does the operator asset base compare to peers?
  • How does the operator perform in terms of capital assets-income ratio compared to peers and what are the drivers behind it?


  • How is your operating cost distributed compared to competitors?
  • What is your biggest cost reduction opportunity and what are the levers to reduce it?
  • What is your own and outsourced FTE proportion compared to peers? Is labor more expensive than peers, own vs outsourced?


  • How is your operator’s capital expenditure distributed compared to peers when building new sites or upgrading existing ones?
  • What proportion of CAPEX is going to backhaul network? And backbone?
  • How are you distributing your capital expenditures between the different available bands and bandwidths compared to peers?

Operational outcomes & Capabilities:

  • What is your average unit cost per source of energy against competitors?
  • How many NOC alarms do you have compared to peers and how effective are you in resolving them?
  • How many tickets did the field force handle, were they completed in the first attempt?
  • Are you falling behind in the adoption of certain technologies your peers are already taking advantage of? What impact could the adoption of this technologies have?
  • Are there any energy management solutions you could deploy to reduce costs?
  • Are there vendor management tools that could be deployed?

What the study provides

  • Analyzes your operators position against relevant local, regional, and global peers
  • Up to 500+ KPIs benchmarked, with advanced normalization and root cause analysis covering cost, quality, business outcomes and best practices
  • 50+ levers sized to identify path to capture savings based proven experience with other operators globally
  • Develops an action plan to accelerate cost rationalization or reallocation

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