Provides detailed insights into key customer interactions across channels, throughout the customers lifecycle, to reduce churn, improve operator’s efficiency and increase customer satisfaction.

The Consumer Experience Benchmark enables telecom operators to assess the major drivers of customer satisfaction, by understanding their relative performance on digital journeys, customer support and network quality. Assessing the efficiency impact and illustrating best practices to guide action planning and decision making.

Why it's important

The rapid shift to digital has quickly revolutionized customer journeys. Telecom operators are implementing more capabilities for customer-led journeys on their digital platforms, encouraging self-service and migration from contact center support. Understanding customer pain points and support needs are critical in building out an unparalleled, digital first, customer experience. The Consumer Experience Benchmark enables telecom operators to answer the following questions:

Onboarding customer journey quality:

  • How many customers (new and existing) were onboarded to product plans?
  • How long did it take to onboard customers (order to activation)?
  • What % of onboarding journeys were end-to-end digital?
  • What was the customer effort score to be onboarded across product categories?

Customer support analytics:

  • How often and where are customers interacting with digital support channels?
  • What is the customer contact (support sessions) mix by support channel?
  • What are the reasons customers are contacting support, across channels?
  • What key quality metrics are impacting customer service across servicing channels?

Customer support efficiency:

  • What is the volume of support interactions per FTE across channels?
  • What is the OPEX per FTE for each support category?
  • What is the OPEX per interaction

Churn and causes:

  • What is the % of churn across each customer segment?
  • % of churn where customers reached max throughput?
  • How do customers rate the network quality?
  • How is the network quality impacting the customer base?

What the study provides

  • The lifecycle of a customer’s experience and effort score and how this impacts satisfaction and churn
  • Setting tangible targets to reduce dependency on contact center, whilst shifting support journeys to digital
  • Understanding the cost that each support channel contributes to OPEX and how this can be reduced

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