Evaluate and optimise your frontline distribution costs across all channels and identify where and how productivity could be improved.

The Multichannel Sales Effectiveness benchmark enables you to identify opportunities to enhance your overall distribution network and helps shape your future distribution strategy.

Why it's important

Insurers are changing the way they interact and engage with customers to meet the growing adoption of digital channels. From underwriting to fraud and claims management, the insurance market is embracing digital platforms, with the leaders benefiting from cost efficiencies and improved customer experience. The Digital Insurance Sales and Service Effectiveness Benchmark helps insurers to understand key topics such as:

Multi-channel sales:

  • Proportion of sales generated through digital channels, relative to peers
  • Opportunities for cross-selling through digital, as opposed to traditional channels

The Digital Sales Funnel:

  • Rate of potential online customers receiving a quote who then buy a policy
  • Effectiveness of your sales funnel compared to peers
  • Effectiveness of different digital marketing sources

Digital Marketing:

  • Share of marketing expenditure allocated to digital marketing, relative to peers
  • Trend of digital and mobile marketing spend

Digital Policy & Claims Servicing:

  • Registration rates for online policy or claims services, compared to peers
  • Proportion of motor claims notified through digital channels
  • Number of claimants tracking the progress of their claim online

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