Analyse performance with a comprehensive view of end to end function expenses, underwriting productivity and operational capability

The Productivity & Expense Benchmark isolates productivity and cost optimisation opportunities and outlines key recommendations to target market leading performance, specific to business line and cost centre levels.

Why it's important

Insurers are changing the way they interact and engage with customers to meet the growing adoption of digital channels. From underwriting to fraud and claims management, the insurance market is embracing digital platforms, with the leaders benefiting from cost efficiencies and improved customer experience. The Digital Insurance Sales and Service Effectiveness Benchmark helps insurers to understand key topics such as:

Productivity measured to account for different portfolios and gaps identified at business line level:

  • Unique to market methodology provides a normalised view of productivity across both Premium and policies per underwriter
  • Deep dives on business lines reveal specific drivers of performance and isolate tangible actions to improve performance

Expense opportunities identified at the most granular level with clear quantification and target setting:

  • Expense and FTE size compared across front and back office, isolated to specific function teams and sub-departments
  • Impact of expense decisions triangulated with overall performance and key targets established to guide priorities

Detailed assessment of operational capabilities and impact on overall performance:

  • Comparison of capabilities with peers to highlight limiting factors on performance and priority areas for investment
  • Overlaid with quantitative results to provide likely impact of capability improvements



Our unique methodology utilises policy- and cost centre-level data to build up a truly comparable view of productivity and expense at the top level and then drill down to the most granular level to identify real opportunities and specific actions. Performance can be segmented and normalised by a complete set of performance factors including line of business, signing locations, risk locations and cost types.

Our approach limits the participation effort for insurers whilst our experienced analysts take the time to fully understand your data and the intricacies of the expense base

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