Provides an in-depth diagnostic of the management, growth, and financial performance of your small business segment.

The Small Business Benchmark quantifies and analyzes key metrics against peer group performance, identifying the most attractive opportunities and allowing targeted action planning.

Why it's important

The sustainability of the traditional small business service model is being challenged by a changing macro-environment. As new regulation comes into play, banks are faced with the challenge of managing evolving customer needs as businesses 'go digital' and expand internationally.

The Small Business Benchmark provides participants with a comparison of key performance outcomes (such as revenues, profitability, and customer acquisition metrics) relative to peers as well as a deep-dive into the underlying performance drivers. The benchmark helps participants address critical questions such as:

Product/Value Proposition:

  • Are our product offerings attractive to current and potential clients?
  • Do we have digital servicing and management capabilities?

Service Model:

  • Are we delivering our products in the right way? How should we design our coverage model to meet customer needs in the most effective way?
  • What is the most effective strategy for customer contacts and meetings?

Sales Team Productivity:

  • What share-of-wallet are we attracting in each small business sub-segment and, adjusting for risk, where do the most attractive opportunities for growth exist?
  • How well are we growing our customer base and attracting startups?
  • Do we have the right number of branch relationship managers and how productive are they?

Omnichannel Delivery:

  • Do we have digital sales or lead capabilities and an active digital sales funnel?
  • What is our current digital marketing spend and how effective is it in attracting new customers?
  • How often do our customers utilize our self-service capabilities? ?

Credit Delivery:

  • How does our credit process benchmark in terms of decision speed and quality?
  • What opportunities exist in the area of credit automation?

What the Small Business Benchmark provides

  • Delivers an in-depth review of your bank’s performance against a relevant local and international peer group
  • Identifies key improvement opportunities and deep-dive into the most critical performance gaps
  • Uses proven best practices to facilitate change
  • Generates customized action plans to track performance improvements over time

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