Evaluate your bank’s performance in multichannel sales and service, digital marketing, and online and mobile banking against best-practice peers and international best practices.

The Digital and Multichannel Banking Benchmark enables you to identify improvement opportunities through capitalizing on technology-driven innovation to stay ahead of the competition.

Why it's important

Banks are revolutionizing the way they interact and engage with their customers to meet evolving channel preferences. Banks have to work harder and respond faster than ever before to differentiate themselves in the marketplace. The Digital & Multichannel Benchmark helps participants address critical questions on their alternative channel service and sales performance such as:


  • Which channels are customers most active in and how can we migrate transactions away from the branch counter?
  • What percentage of sales originates in digital channels, and what techniques can we use to help increase this?

Online banking:

  • What hygiene factors do our customers expect from online banking, and how are best- practice banks using the channel to deepen customer relationships?
  • How can we maximize cross-selling online?

Mobile banking:

  • What functionalities are expected from a strong mobile application and how can we utilize the channel to differentiate from peers?
  • How can we best drive sales through mobile devices?

Digital marketing and sales:

  • What digital marketing strategies best generate product sales?
  • Where in the sales funnel do we have the greatest improvement opportunities?

What the Digital and Multichannel Benchmark provides

  • Helps you understand major local and global trends in the digital banking landscape and evaluate your positioning
  • Identifies improvement opportunities and pinpoints the strategic and tactical actions required to boost service performance
  • Develops an action plan to seize the opportunities and initiate your improvement program, based on observed and proven best practices
  • Tracks the progress of your initiatives against your targets and against competitors

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