Examines four key areas: bank performance, sales effectiveness, service quality, and channel activity and support functions in mid, large, and multinational corporate banking segments.

The Corporate and Commercial Benchmark enables banks to highlight strengths, quantify opportunities, identify levers to prioritize initiatives, and track yearly performance.

Why it's important

Corporations are often a critical segment for mid- to large-size banks. However, as the competitive landscape and client needs evolve, there is increasing pressure for banks to develop technology, enhance product offerings, and improve efficiency and productivity to capture and retain this segment. The Commercial & Corporate Benchmark, covering all client segments above Small Business, helps participants address critical questions such as:


  • What are our key opportunities to grow revenues per client in cash management, lending, and specialized products?
  • What are the key financial levers to improve our return on risk-weighted assets?
  • What opportunities do we have to widen and deepen product penetration or to increase ticket sizes?

Sales effectiveness:

  • How does the productivity of our relationship managers (RMs) compare with peers? Are the portfolios of our RMs at an optimal size?
  • How effective are our RMs at acquiring new clients and what is the quality of these acquisitions?
  • How does the RM motivation system at our bank compare with peers and how does it correlate with the results?

Service model:

  • How efficient is our staffing in the mid- and large- corporate segments? Do we have sufficient capacity to increase market share and revenues per client?
  • How productive are our support functions within each segment, and which processes do we need to improve?
  • Where are we on the digitization journey of client servicing? What new technologies are other banks using for the payment and transaction business?

What the Corporate and Commercial Benchmark provides

  • Analyze your bank’s position against relevant local, regional, and global peers
  • Identify your strengths and opportunities in relevant markets
  • Develop an action plan to seize the opportunities and initiate improvement programs based on observed and proven best practices
  • Use trend analysis to track changes in performance

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