Finalta began as an idea: to shine a bright light on performance to help organizations understand how they compare with peers and give them the information they need to improve performance over time

Today, we are the market leaders with more than two decades of experience in providing benchmarking and best-practice services to banks, insurers, and telcos, serving over 350 clients in more than 50 countries

High-impact, practical results

Clients value the highly practical nature of our work. The results of a Finalta benchmarking engagement are typically presented to the client’s executive management team and used as a catalyst for change. We help you set customized targets and fine-tune your strategy. Our recommendations, based on proven best practices, accelerate change and reduce risk.

International expertise

We work with banks, insurers, and telcos in over 50 countries. This international knowledge is critical for organizations to challenge established, internal thinking. For example, by demonstrating a particular practice has worked successfully in four other countries, management can overcome the ‘fear factor' of change. Further, our international peer group is particularly valuable for 'multi-local' organizations looking to compare performance on a country-by-country basis.

Interpretation and qualification

We use our benchmarking insight as a diagnostic tool to highlight the current performance of your organization. Our unique analytical frameworks allow us to link performance to practices. We demonstrate how your performance compares to relevant peers on key operational metrics, ensure that you fully understand why this is the case, and help you close performance gaps to reach best practice.

Proven methodology

Our trusted client relationships allow us to access valuable performance metrics. While always delivered in an anonymous format, this data provides a unique source of intelligence to our clients. All data is sourced under non-disclosure directly from banks, insurers, and telcos, complemented by interviews with senior management. Precise definitions and a rigorous verification process ensure that data is compared on a like-for-like basis. The objective of this methodology is to ensure the highest level of quality in our results.