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Q&A with Sarah Jones

How is Finalta different from your last position?

The most outstanding difference is the collective ambition at Finalta, which has helped drive the overseas expansion from 1 office to 5 offices over the last year.

How did you get up to speed in your new role?

One of the great things about Finalta is that everyone, at every level of the company, is keen to help everyone else. I felt I learned something valuable from every interaction I had in my first few weeks – from associate analyst level to director level.

What is a typical day or week like for you?

A typical day or week changes, depending on which stage of a project you are in. For me, the most interesting phase is key findings development, which involves brainstorming with directors, regular calls with clients, and the chance to put together a document which may ultimately be seen by a bank’s CEO.

How have you grown professionally?

The initial six months is mostly spent getting up to speed with both subject matter and the way Finalta works. As I’ve become more comfortable with this aspect, I’ve been given more responsibility for individual parts of projects.

What type of people do you think would enjoy working for Finalta?

Someone who has intellectual curiosity and likes finding solutions to problems – and who can then communicate these solutions to others in a readily accessible way.

What about personal development?

The opportunity for personal development is one of the reasons I joined Finalta – and I haven’t been disappointed! The exposure to top management so early on is most rewarding professionally, but it is the support colleagues give one another on a day-to-day basis which really makes the biggest difference.

Any final thoughts for those considering a career with Finalta?

Finalta has all the benefits of a traditional management consultancy role (analytics, client exposure at senior level) without the need to live out of a suitcase.