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Q&A with Oli Greening

How have you grown in Finalta?

I joined as an Associate Analyst on the UK team and soon after I became part of the first ever Latin America team in Finalta. This was my first full project and I led the day-to-day relationships for a number of clients and was responsible for database management, analysis, and report production. Towards the end of the project, I was involved in producing the executive presentations and travelled to Brazil twice to attend the final results presentations. Following this successful delivery campaign in Latin America, I was promoted to Analyst and moved back to the UK team.

I then transferred to the new Latin America office based in Miramar, Florida. This new role brought a new set of responsibilities: recruitment, training, and project and team management. Following nearly two years of hard work and on the job learning, I was recently promoted to Consultant. I am now responsible for both delivering benchmarking studies in multiple countries to time and quality and ensuring that other Analysts joining the firm have the opportunity to develop as quickly as I was lucky to do.

More recently I have even had the chance to become involved in the commercial side of the business, deepening relationships in existing markets and directly supporting the expansion into new geographies. It feels great to be trusted at every stage of the project cycle, from sales to the final presentation and I’m continuing to learn every day.

What is a typical day or week like for you in your current role?

This very much depends on what stage we are in the delivery cycle. This last week, I would say I spent roughly 30% of my time reviewing the work of analysts in my team, 20% working on my own analysis and presentations, 20% talking to clients or answering emails, 20% preparing for commercial trips and the remaining 10% on other workstreams such as product development, planning for the next cycle and internal meetings.

How do you manage your work-life balance?

There will always be busy periods at Finalta and at times it can be a challenge. The way I try to manage my work-life balance is to prioritize as much as possible and decide exactly what needs to be done today and what can wait. It obviously helps living in a city like Miami where it’s easy to switch off at the weekend but in general I think it’s very important to find as much time as possible for non-work activities so that you’re well rested and energized.

There are three main points: ambition, international exposure, and fast personal growth:

First, it’s important for me to be working at a company that wants to continue to grow and be the best in the world at what it does.

Second, international exposure. I never wanted to restrict my professional career to the UK. No one at Finalta lives out of a suitcase but, in any given week, I will talk to clients from half a dozen countries and travel opportunities become more frequent as you move up the company.

And third, fast personal growth. Finalta is the kind of company where the only thing holding you back is yourself. The learning pace is very fast and you get exposure to important clients early on in the job which is nothing like my friends in other companies have experienced. Finalta offers countless opportunities to grow and quality contributions are recognized and rewarded.