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Q&A with Dave Carter

What type of work is important for you?

I was looking for work that was stimulating and challenging in a company that offered recognition, opportunity, responsibility, and job satisfaction.

Tell us about recent professional development opportunities

After 6 weeks, I went to the Middle East to conduct client interviews with key stakeholders of the banks taking part in the project. All the people we met were very senior and experienced bankers who were glad to impart their knowledge, plans for the bank, and general insights. I met with CFOs and Heads of Retail as well as numerous other director-level people. Travel is a necessity in Finalta and, given the reach of the London office, there are always opportunities and new projects to get involved with that will likely entail travel to countries you may never get to see otherwise. Aside from the work aspect, I have also been offered the opportunity to help new starters get to grips with the job when they first join us. You are actively rewarded for taking responsibility and the managerial-type exposure at such an early stage in a career is invaluable.

What type of people do you think would enjoy working for Finalta?

It is difficult to stereotype a ‘Finaltee,’ but it would be a person who is a critical thinker. You must enjoy being analytical, pulling things apart, and understanding wide-ranging concepts. As an analyst, data, programming/mapping, and Excel work account for a large proportion of your time so you must also be able to work diligently and accurately and obviously be numerate! Personality-wise, being a number cruncher isn’t the end game! Analysts must also have excellent interpersonal skills so they can present to clients.

What means the most to you about working here?

For me, the scope and potential within the business for my career progression is what I am most excited about. The company is genuinely meritocratic and rewards those people who strive to develop themselves and take the opportunities offered.

What are your thoughts on your experience so far?

Frankly, I couldn’t have asked for anything more. The work is constantly varied, the people are great, and the scope is huge. I am really excited to be at a company that has a small- company atmosphere and attitude, with the backing, ability, and client reputation of a global consulting giant like McKinsey.