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Q&A with Alex Kergozou

What type of work were you looking for when you first graduated?

When I finished university, I really wanted a job where I could apply my mathematical skills and my understanding of foreign cultures and languages.

How did you get up to speed in your role and responsibilities?

The key factor driving my development was the on-the-job training provided by my manager. As a member of a small team, I received personal coaching almost every day.

How have you grown in your position?

I have seen my current role evolve from a purely analytical role to a quality management and project overseer position. This has come as my confidence in using our tools has grown with deeper experience. I also find myself in a position where I can share expertise on my markets with colleagues who require insights and am able to support team members with their analytical projects.

Finalta is a global company with a diverse team – what do the people have in common?

The belief that what we do is always of the highest standard and of great value to our clients. Everyone is positive, optimistic, and driven to make sure we can deliver what we promise.

What type of people do you think would enjoy working for Finalta?

Charismatic people who enjoy working with others to achieve results. You also need a deep understanding of the power and meaning of numerical results in order to create bespoke storylines for clients.

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Finally, can you think of three words to describe Finalta?

Exciting, ambitious, growing.