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Digital Telco

Evaluate your operator’s performance in digital sales and customers service against best-practice peers and international best practices

The Digital Telco Benchmark provides you with a unique, customizable tool to support strategic planning, build investment cases, and accelerate digital transformation.

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Why it's important

Consumer expectations of digital interaction are shifting radically, and the pace of change across industries is unprecedented. Telco operators need to work harder and invest smarter.

The Digital Telco Benchmark helps participants address critical questions such as:


  • What is the sales mix and customer contact mix by channel?
  • How strong is product adoption and digital usage across the customer base?
  • How can we move customers away from human support and toward self-service?
  • Are physical channels or contact centers over-staffed relative to the customer base?
  • How satisfied are customers with each sales and customer service channel?

Digital Sales:

  • What proportion of sales is made through digital channels (e.g., web, app)?
  • Which stages of the digital sales funnel can be improved?
  • How are competitors using digital to drive loyalty and upsell to existing customers?
  • Which types of digital marketing have the best returns?
  • How dependent are customers on offline support to complete digital sales?

Digital Service:

  • What are the most effective methods to encourage digital enrollment?
  • Which demographics’ digital uptake could be driven further?
  • How frequently do users interact with digital channels once enrolled?
  • What key customer care capabilities are missing in the mobile app?
  • Are customers able to fully resolve servicing queries in digital channels?

The Digital Telco Benchmark allows you to:

  • Compare your performance against leading operators, using aggregated, non-publically available data
  • Set realistic targets based on competitor performance and prioritize the actions required to achieve them
  • Learn from and implement best-practice techniques and processes across digital servicing and sales
  • Build fact-driven business cases for additional digital investment and persuade executives of the need for change

Acquisition effectiveness

Customer care
interactions by channel

Renewals through
digital channels