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Sales Effectiveness

Examines the key indicators of sales productivity across all customer segments and distribution channels including branches, direct sales force, and direct channels (online, mobile, telephony).

The Sales Effectiveness Benchmark enables banks to understand their performance on customer acquisition, relationship development, and sales productivity. It supports the identification and prioritization of actions to increase growth and profitability.

Why it's important

Banks’ ability to grow and generate profits with their retail operations depends on their capabilities in acquiring customers, deepening their relationship with existing customers in the most cost-effective way, and fine-tuning their product offerings to customer needs. The Sales Effectiveness Benchmark helps participants address critical questions on their sales productivity such as:

Branch Staffing:
  • How does our branch staffing and efficiency compare with peers?
  • How productive are our branch advisors and what should our targets be?
  • Compared with peers, how profitable is our branch network?
Customer acquisition and retention:
  • What opportunities are there to improve our customer acquisition, on-boarding, and retention?
  • How can we increase our share of customers’ wallets and drive cross-sales? In which product categories are we under-penetrated?
Online sales:
  • How do we perform in online sales? What can we do to improve?

What the Sales Effectiveness Benchmark provides

  • Compare performance against local, regional, and international peers
  • Identify opportunities for strategic and tactical changes to the sales strategy and set targets for improvement
  • Develop an action plan to seize the opportunities and initiate improvement programs, based on observed and proven best practices
  • Track progress of initiatives against internal targets and against competitors

Opportunities and
action planning

Cross-sell opportunities

Attrition insights

Advisor productivity