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Monthly Sales Tracker

Analyzes sales of core retail banking products as the sales productivity of branch staff to deliver a total market view on sales performance.

The Monthly Sales Tracker Benchmark compares monthly retail banking product sales and sales productivity against a local peer group. The metrics it covers are a sub-set of Finalta's annual Sales Effectiveness Benchmark. Banks can use it to track market sales dynamics and analyze relative sales performance at month-end and make immediate adjustments to their sales strategy and tactical product campaigns.

Why it's important

Retail banks need comparable and reliable information on retail banking sales performance and regular analysis of aggregate or product-level sales productivity. This total market view on sales performance is critical for a bank’s sales organization to supplement their internal sales analysis. The Monthly Sales Tracker Benchmark helps participants address critical questions such as:

Overall sales performance:
  • What is our overall sales performance compared with major competitors this month?
  • How does performance compare for each priority product?
Detailed insights:
  • How productive are our branch advisors and what should our targets be?
  • In which products are competitors growing faster?
Impact of initiatives:
  • How have our campaigns or initiatives improved our sales performance?

What the Monthly Sales Tracker Benchmark provides

  • Compare monthly performance with key local competitors
  • Receive immediate feedback on market dynamics with data obtained directly from individual banks
  • Track progress of initiatives against internal targets and against competitors
  • Identify opportunities for improvement to sales strategy and tactical campaigns
  • Use interactive charting tools to create a customized view of monthly results

Monthly performance

Market share of sales

Branch sales productivity

Peer group sales volumes