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Branch Advisor

Provides a granular analysis of how front-line advisors use their time and the effectiveness of their commercial activities.

The Branch Advisor Benchmark enables banks to understand branch performance at the individual advisor level and to identify activities that can be streamlined or removed. This is complemented by sales pipeline analyses to determine the source of each customer meeting, its length, and the final outcome.

Why it's important

For many banks, the branch network remains the most important channel for customer acquisition and cross-sales. However, most banks have little visibility on how much time their advisors spend with customers, what the obstacles are to increasing this, and which sources of customer meetings deliver the best conversion. The Branch Advisor Benchmark helps participants address critical questions on the effectiveness of their advisors such as:

Meeting time:
  • What are the key bottlenecks to advisors spending more time with customers?
  • How can we best use our advisor capacity?
Quality of leads:
  • What are the best sources of advisor meetings for both volume and conversion?
Contact volumes:
  • How much customer contact is generated by our advisors?
Best practices:
  • What are the key characteristics of top sales performers?

What the Branch Advisor Benchmark provides

  • Benchmark branch performance at the individual advisor level, rather than as a single channel
  • Understand the typical diary of a branch advisor and compare to regional peers and best practices to pinpoint opportunities to reduce commercially less productive activities
  • Understand the relative importance of each meeting source and their effectiveness at generating sales
  • Segment advisor performance, e.g., by branch size or by advisor experience, to maximize comparability and identify concrete improvement opportunities
  • Develop an action plan to optimize time spent on commercial activities and to increase sales pipeline conversion


    Data is captured anonymously at the individual advisor level allowing for granular analysis of network performance. The time-spend aspect of the study allocates time between 20 activity categories including commercial, servicing, operational, and administrative tasks.

Granular analysis of
time spend

Meetings and conversion
to sales

Source of meetings

Sales funnel analysis