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Affluent Segment

Evaluate and improve your performance in attracting, retaining, and growing your bank’s mass affluent and emerging affluent customer segments

The Affluent Segment Benchmark enables banks to understand their relative performance on the key drivers of revenue and efficiency and to identify and prioritize actions to increase profitability.

Why it's important

Banks’ ability to successfully compete in the mass affluent segment depends on their capabilities in acquiring customers, deepening and retaining relationships with existing customers, maximizing the productivity of their mass affluent advisors, and structuring their mass affluent service model to efficiently meet customer needs. The Affluent Segment Benchmark helps participants address critical questions on their segment performance such as:

Service model:

  • How does our segmentation and service model compare with peers and how effective is it?

Segment growth:

  • How successfully are we growing new customer relationships and new balances?

Strength of customer relationships:

  • How successfully are we deepening customer relationships in terms of product holdings and balances, especially for investment products?

Advisor productivity:

  • How proactive are our relationship managers and financial advisors and which part of their sales funnel can we improve?

Program differentiators:

  • What program and product features and benefits are “table stakes” versus unique and compelling to the mass affluent segment?

What the Affluent Segment Benchmark provides

  • Compares performance against industry peers using standardized segmentation techniques
  • Identifies and quantifies improvement opportunities using detailed key performance indicators and peer group best practices
  • Enables you to develop a fact-based action plan to accelerate performance improvement
  • Tracks progress of initiatives against internal targets and against competitors

Acquisition and attrition

Relationship strength

Advisor productivity

Service model productivity